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The Classes Began at the Philippines years ago. It was been supervised by Government.


Back to Reality.

Types of Educational Era Edit

  1. Prehistoric Era- Babayin, Parental Teacher, Informal
  2. Spanish Era- Run by Religious orders
  3. American Era- First Public School, CoED
  4. Third Republic- DEPED
  5. Fourth Republic- DECS
  6. Fifth Republic- Bully law, K-12, Salary of teachers

Types of Educational System Edit

Today we have now the Current education by here:

Former Edit

Compulsory Edit

  1. Nursery
  2. Kindergarten

Elementary Edit

Primary Edit
  1. Grade 1
  2. Grade 2
  3. Grade 3
Intermediate Edit
  1. Grade 4
  2. Grade 5
  3. Grade 6

HIgh School Edit

  1. Freshman
  2. Sophomore
  3. Junior
  4. Senior

Formal Edit

It was been Applied by starts by K-12

Elementary Edit

  1. Kindergarten
  2. Grade 1
  3. Grade 2
  4. Grade 3
  5. Grade 4
  6. Grade 5
  7. Grade 6

Junior High Edit

  1. Grade 7
  2. Grade 8
  3. Grade 9
  4. Grade 10

Senior High Edit

  1. Grade 11
  2. Grade 12

Where does the School heldEdit

Schools was usually held at school whenever near, far or strategic. Teachers sometimes need to pass some 

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