The Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan (English: Noble Hymn of the Tagalog Nation), later titled Salve Patria (English: Hail Fatherland) was the national anthem of the short-lived Tagalog Republic, composed by Jullian Nakpil. There is no surviving record of the anthem, and the current version is based on Nakpil's memory.


Original Tagalog English translation Spanish translation
Mabuhay, Mabuhay yaong Kalayaan, Kalayaan

At pasulungin ang puri't kabanalan

Kastila'y mailing ng Katagalugan

At ngayo'y ipagwagi ang kahusayan

Long live, long live, this liberty, liberty

And let us promote honour and excellence

Let the Tagalog Nation reject the Spaniards

And now strive for excellence.

Viva!, Viva, nuestra libertad, la libertad

Y vamos a promover el Honor

y la Virtud

Los españoles se ha marchado

de nuestro querido (de) Tagala!

Y ahora vamos a luchar por

la excelencia.


National Anthem of the Tagalog Republic -1896-1897-- Marangál na Dalit ng̃ Katagalugan01:53

National Anthem of the Tagalog Republic -1896-1897-- Marangál na Dalit ng̃ Katagalugan

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