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This is the list of the presidents who ruled the country up to the present. It started after its independence from Spain.

The Plot Edit


Peter said to Jake, The President: Ikaw na ang Pangulo!

It began as a revolutionary government, puppet government. and A new Democratic Country.

First RepublicEdit

Spanish republic

Emilio Aguinaldo

1899-1901= first president of the Philippines (1899–1901) and led Philippine forces first against Spain in the latter part of the Philippine Revolution (1896–1897), and then in the Spanish–American War (1898), and finally against the United States during the Philippine–American War (1899–1901). He was captured by American forces in 1901, which brought an end to his presidency.

(Presidency temporarily abolished, occupation of America from 1901-1935)



Manuel Quezon


☀served as president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines from 1935 to 1944. He was the first Filipino to head a government of the Philippines (as opposed to other historical states), and is considered to have been the second president of the Philippines, after Emilio Aguinaldo(1897–1901).

Quezon was the first Senate president elected to the presidency, the first president elected through a national election and the first incumbent to secure re-election (for a partial second term, later extended, due to amendments to the 1935 Constitution). He is known as the "Father of the National Language".

Second Republic (Puppet Republic)Edit

Under Japanese government

Jose P. Laurel= 1943-1945

Restoration of the CommonwealthEdit

Sergio Osmeña


the president of the Second Philippine Republic, a Japanese puppet state when occupied during World War II, from 1943 to 1945. Since the administration of President Diosdado Macapagal (1961–1965), Laurel has been recognized as a legitimate president of the Philippines.

Third RepublicEdit

The republic after the reborn of the commonwealth

Manuel Roxas=1946-1948

☀the fifth President of the Philippines, the last of the Commonwealth of the Philippines and the first of the sovereign Third Philippine Republic. He ruled as President from the Philippines' independence from the United States of America on July 4, 1946 until his abrupt death in 1948.

Elpidio Quirino

His daughter Victoria became first lady, his wife Alicia died in the World War II.


Ramon Magsaysay

Just before finishing his term, he died unexpectedly in a plane crash.


Carlos P. Garcia

Famous for his "Pilipino Muna"


Diosdado Macapagal

Father of former Pres. Gloria Arroyo


Ferdinand Marcos

(First term)


Fourth RepublicEdit

Ferdinand Marcos

(Martial Law years)



Ferdinand Marcos

Fifth RepublicEdit

After the EDSA revolution, current government

Corazon Aquino

First female president. Unfortunately, she died of colon cancer in 2009. Returned the democracy of the Philippines.


Cory Aquino


Fidel V. Ramos

Famous for Philippines 2000.


Joseph Estrada

More commonly known as ERAP, he is now the mayor of Manila.


Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Daughter of the late Diosdado Macapagal, second female president.


Benigno Aquino III

Son of the late Corazon Aquino and the Late Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino, first unmarried president.

Rodrigo Duterte

President from Mindanao. 4th Cebuano President
Rodrigo Duterte and his predecessors (Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo and Aquino III)

Mga nabubuhay na pangulo ng ika-5 na republika

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